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Andrew Reeves

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Milestones of Life

Today was a good day. This morning, I walked into CMS and submitted by dissertation to Ruth Harvey. Now all I need to do is defend.

I'll probably defend in mid-September, and, having run the numbers, it turns out that I may not be able to afford to simply sit around until then. The new tentative plan is that if the last two sessional gigs here in TO that I'm waiting to hear back on fail to materialize, I'll pull up stakes and relocate to Texas in mid-August. I'll then return to TO to defend in mid-September.

Of course, the great monkey-wrench in all of this will be the question of what happens if I've relocated to TX and one of these late-opening positions I've applied for comes through. If that happens, I'll be needing to relocate twice. But that would be a good sort of problem to have.

If worst comes to worst, I'll look to find some sort of placeholder job in TX and join the ranks of the U6, starting back on the lovely treadmill of job applications, but this time as a PhD rather than ABD.

Life, on the whole, is good.

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