Andrew Reeves (schizmatic) wrote,
Andrew Reeves

Getting Swoll

So yesterday was my visit to the gym for chest, biceps, and shoulders. To my surprise, even though this week is the week to up my weight, I was strong enough on that workout that I'm going to kick my weight up another notch again next week. By next week, I'll be bench pressing 180 pounds and curling 45s (with a weight of 80 or 90 pounds on preacher curls). Legs are still lagging. I'm still pretty weak on squats: I'm only squatting around 110 pounds, which is incredibly light, but them, I'm also running a lot, which might just mean that I'm never quite giving my muscles adequate time to recover.

My resting heart rate is now at about 54 beats a minute, which could be better, but is not bad at all for a slightly doughy, pale, desk-bound academic.

I'd eventually like to push my bench press up to 220 pounds, i.e., about forty pounds heavier than I'm benching now. Why 220? Well, that's the weight of the bar plus two forty-fives on each side. The level of ego boost from that would be very nice indeed.

The only thing that might stop me is that crap in my life can often come up that gets me behind in my schedule of lifting or makes me miss more than two weeks, which often causes me to go right back to a lower weight. If I can actually keep up my schedule, and increase weight every three weeks or so, I could conceivably be at my goal of two plates on each end by the end of next fall. And that, my friends, would be awesome.

Since this is a post that does reveal me as vain, but doesn't really compromise any personal information, I'll even do it without the friends' lock.
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