Andrew Reeves (schizmatic) wrote,
Andrew Reeves

Weight Training

Down the road in a gym far away,
A young man once was heard to say:
"No matter what I do, my legs won't grow."
He tried extensions and leg presses, too,
Cheating with those sissy workouts he'd do.

Back of the gym, where the big men train
'Midst the anguished grunts and the sounds of pain
Where big iron rides high and threatens lives
And the noise is made with the big forty-fives
A very big man with legs like trees,
A great barrel chest, and a monstrous back
Laughed as he pulled a weight from the stack.

He said: "Son, don't try to lie,
And don't say you've forgotten
The trouble with you is
You ain't been SQUATTIN'!"

I am bound and determined to do something about my chicken legs. At the moment, though, I'm actually fairly happy with my upper body: I'm weighing in at a little over 190 lbs., with a height of about 5'10" and a 33" waist. Well, I'm happy with my upper body with the exception of my lats. I'd really, really like for them to be larger, and I don't like that I was kept from lifting for just under a month by a pulled bicep.

I'm up to about a nineteen mile week with running, although this week is a light week to let muscles recover from the damage they take from the repeated pounding of running. Next week, I'll kick things up to twenty-one miles, and I hope to eventually get to 30. Hopefully, having switched to squats will help me with that.

One reason that I didn't squat for the longest time was that I was afraid for what the effect would be on my back. My upper back is a bit f*cked up from an injury I sustained a few years ago when I slightly dislocated one of my ribs. So far, though, I've felt no ill effects. Who knows, perhaps it will actually wind up helping my back, since one thing that the physical therapist so many years ago told me was that the best way to ease the pain in my back would be to strengthen the muscles.

Okay, back to work on my dissertation.

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